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Let's face it…stuffy little noses can mean a sleepless night for the whole family.

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For those little blocked noses that find our traditional Olbas just a bit too powerful, Olbas for Children is a gentle decongestant formulation to relieve congestion in even the smallest noses of the family – from as young as 3 months.

With a few drops of Olbas for Children on a hanky in the bedroom, easy breathing and a restful night can be restored to your household.

Olbas for Children is a gentle blend of pure plant oils, with ingredients including clove oil, eucalyptus, juniper berry and cajuput. It's the combination of these natural ingredients which releases those famously soothing and relieving natural vapours and can result in peaceful nights and sweet dreams all round.

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Always read the label.

How to use

For babies from 3 months to 2 years

Add 4 drops of Olbas for Children to a tissue or hanky and hold it close to, but not touching, the congested little nose so the vapours can start to take effect. At night time simply sprinkle 4 drops of Olbas for Children onto a tissue or hanky and place out of reach in their bedroom.

For children aged 2 and over

Add 8 to 12 drops onto a tissue or hanky and hold close to, but not touching, the child's nose to allow the child to breathe in the vapours. At night, add 8-12 drops into a bowl of hot water and allow your child to inhale the vapours through the steam – we don't like children to be left alone with hot water so please ensure your child is supervised at all times.

Just a few reminders...

Olbas for Children is designed as a vapour inhalant, so direct contact with the skin or clothing is best avoided. Don't use Olbas for Children on nightwear or bed clothes. If your child gets a little on their skin then simply wash off with cold water. Do not put drops directly into the nose or mouth. If Olbas for Children is accidently swallowed, seek medical advice. If the product comes into direct contact with the surface of the eye, wash thoroughly and seek medical advice. Do not use Olbas for Children if your child is allergic to any of the ingredients.

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Like all medicines, you should keep this product out of the sight and reach of children. Take care if you are using this product with hot water. If symptoms persist, you should consult your doctor.

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Top tips

When your little ones are feeling under the weather and congested, here are some of our top tips to make them feel more comfortable:

  • Keep your child's bedroom warm, but well ventilated – perhaps open a window nearby to get some fresh air into their room
  • Warm drinks can be particularly soothing – hot honey and lemon can work wonders…
  • Encourage as much rest as possible – maybe avoid the video games but instead opt for an afternoon movie of their choice on the sofa?
  • From 2 years of age, teach little ones to blow their nose. A good way to do this is to explain that "it's like sniffing, but backwards" – good luck!
  • Make sure they drink plenty of fluids, water is best, but we also like to put a little squash in there to make it more interesting for them!
  • Make sure they're getting some healthy / good food – fruit and vegetables are the obvious choice. This could be in the form of soup or a fun fruit cocktail if your little ones are particularly fussy!

Paediatric Nurse Kathleen McGrath offers more tips on how to help your congested little ones, especially at bedtime...

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Breathe Easy, Sleep Easy for Little Noses

Sponsored by Olbas

Hello, I'm Kathleen.

I'm a paediatric nurse and also a sleep expert. I'm here to talk about avoiding some of the sleep issues that may arise in children and babies over the age of three months, when they have cold and Flu, one thing very important is to make sure your child gets lots of adequate fluids. Cold fluids diluted fruit juices; if they're over a year old possibly lemon and honey type drinks. Make sure they stay well hydrated.

If they develop a fever, it's important to manage that fever but also to make sure they're in cotton clothing and they have lose fitting clothing, so they don't over heat. And, make sure their bedroom is well ventilated, little airways and noses can get blocked and that will prevent your child from sleeping well. So try placing a few drops of natural, infant decongestant either on a hanky or under a pillow if your child has one. Pop it onto the blanket or onto the bed sheets (somewhere in the bedding) where the menthol and natural oils of eucalyptus and menthol can actually help to alleviate any blockage to help the child breath much better. We all know it's quite common when you lie flat that sometimes when you're blocked up it's more difficult to breathe. So I would suggest that you might want to elevate the head end of your babies bed by maybe popping a folded sheet or a pillow or something underneath the mattress at the head end, which makes it a little easier for your baby to breathe. We all know that young children hate trying to blow their nose under the age of two, they find it absolutely impossible, it's a very good idea to make it into a bit of a game, and it's a good idea to encourage them to think of blowing their nose as sniffing but in reverse. If it's turned into a game, they'll surely take to it, and you won't have any problems in the future.

Colds and Flu's should sort themselves out; we all have them all the time. But, if you notice you're child isn't improving, or the symptoms are in anyway getting worse, do please consult your doctor. If you want other information about other things that you might want to purchase for other flu symptoms such as fever etc why not have a word with your pharmacist who can advise on over-the counter medicines and remedies that you can buy for children of all ages.

Keeping children fit and healthy

A healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables is probably the best way to help your child fight infections. Obviously, getting good food into them can be another matter, but try giving them a fresh fruit smoothie or soup – they will love the taste so much that they won't even think about how good it is for them.

Sleep is a natural body restorer but it can be hard to make sure your child is getting the right amount of sleep each night – try setting an evening routine which involves a relaxing bath followed by a bedtime story and fingers crossed they will be on their way to the land of nod pretty quickly.

Keeping kids active helps to boost their health and immune system and has the added bonus of wearing them out so bedtime is a little less painful for you! Outdoor pursuits and board games get our vote over video games and endless hours in front of the TV.

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Q. What is Olbas for Children?
A. Olbas for Children contains a mixture of essential pure plant oils which gives off natural vapours to immediately clear nasal congestion and relieve painful sinuses. Olbas for Children is specially formulated for children and infants to gently clear blocked up noses. It is useful for the treatment of colds and flu, catarrh, hayfever and blocked sinuses.

Q. How does Olbas for Children work?
A. Olbas for Children is a blend of essential oils which has been used for many years to relieve congestion by loosening the mucus, enabling the nose to be more easily cleared.

Q. Is this product suitable for use on a newborn baby?
A. Olbas for Children is suitable for babies from 3 months old.

Q. Are there any side effects?
A. Like all medicines, Olbas for Children can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. If you do notice any side effects, please tell your doctor or pharmacist.

Q. Can Olbas for Children be used with other medicines?
A. Please tell your doctor or pharmacist if your child is taking or has recently taken any other medicines, including medicines obtained without a prescription.

Q. Should I call a doctor if my child's symptoms persist?
A. Generally, colds are nothing to worry about. However, if symptoms present themselves then you should contact your GP

  • If the cold has gone on for longer than a fortnight
  • If your child seems weak or exhausted
  • If their temperature rises about 38.9 degrees in children or 38 degrees in a baby under one year
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